Fluorescent CDL Nymph

One of the few patters I call and claim as my own and the first to be posted to this blog. The FL. CDL Nymph fly has been evolving for the last few years secretly in my mayfly nymph box. The version I tie now is a solid option year-round on all the Colorado water I fish on the regular.

It is a lightweight natural imitation that really “shines”. The Florescent thread under the CDL body creates a very lifelike translucent blaze. I vary this pattern using the Veevus Florescent Threads: Fl. Yellow Chartreuse (A14) Fl. Orange (A15) and Fl. Green (A16). I Typically tie this pattern using the Medium Pardo CDL but will also use Ginger Pardo for a lighter option.

Brown Trout with Fluorescent CDL Nymph in mouth

Step By Step Instructions:

Start your fluorescent thread on the hook shank with locking wraps.

Clip a small bundle (about 7) of Coq De Leon fibers from a feather. Make sure to keep the tips aligned. Stack them if necessary. Measure a tail the length of the hook shank and tie in place. Do not cut the excess material.

Walk your thread slightly past the halfway point to designate segmentation. Twist the CDL fibers slightly, into a rope like material and wrap forward to the thorax. Capture and secure in place. Trim the excess.

Select a larger bundle of fibers from the feather (about 10-15) and tie in the thicker fibers to be folded over for the wing casing.

Dub a tight noodle of SLF dubbing and wrap a neat thorax over top of the CDL. Fold the entire bundle of CDL over the dubbed thorax. With only a couple of wraps on top and then two under lightly secure the CDL bundle behind the hook eye.

Select a new small bundle of CDL fibers to be used as the legs (about 5 on each size). Tie in with tips aligned to stretch past the thorax of the fly. I will vary this and sometimes reach a long ways past the thorax as shown in the final image. Clip out the butt ends close. A sharp pair of micro tip scissors help make this nice and clean.

Whip finish for your complete Fl. CDL Nymph!

Fluorescent CDL Nymph Hot Orange by Brady Laehr
Fluorescent CDL Nymph Hot Orange
Fluorescent Green BWO CDL Nymph


  • Hook: Tiemco 2487 18-22
  • Thread: Veevus 16/0 Fluorescent
  • Abdomen: CDL Fibers
  • Thorax: SLF Dubbing
  • Tail: CDL Fibers
  • Wing/Wing Buds/Legs: CDL Fibers

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