Foam Wing Midge Emerger (Chocolate Thunder)

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The Foam Wing Midge Emerger aka the Chocolate Thunder has become a mainstay for anglers fishing Colorado tail-water and freestone rivers. It possibly most closely imitates a pupating midge but can also pass for many other small aquatic insects such as Mayflies. It is an excellent fly considering the ease of tying as well as its productivity on the water. Be sure to carry a variety of sizes and colors and you will be set! Shall we call this purple variation Purple Thunder?

Step By Step Instructions Foam Wing Midge Emerger Purple Variation:

Begin, as usual, by setting the hook in the vise and locking the thread onto the hook.

Secure a small strand of wire to one side of the hook. With smooth thread wraps work down the hook covering the wire. Work the thread back towards the thorax creating a slight body taper. Open wrap the wire forward 5-6 times and secure.

Tie a small piece of foam to the top of the hook. Using the small Wapsi Foam Posts for this helps to keep consistency fly after fly. Apply decent pressure to your wraps to help keep the foam in place. Trim off the front end and cover with tying thread creating a thorax/head. Trim the foam by using the hook as a guide. I also come back in and trim parallel to the hook for a “clipped” wing look.

Create a small dubbing noodle and dub over the thorax region.

Whip finish and fish!


  • Hook: Tiemco 2487 18-26
  • Thread: UTC 70 Denier Purple
  • Thorax: Kaufman Black
  • Wing Bud: Wapsi Foam Parachute Posts White Small/ (20 and below cut in two)

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