Sparkled Wing RS2

Created by Rim Chung the RS2 is a master of simplicity. Another fly that with slight variations can mimic many different types of Mayflies and Midges.

Mercury Sparkle Wing RS2 Black Variation

The original pattern according to Rim Chung used the under or most often trash fibers from a grizzly hackle for the wing buds. Most of today’s updated versions have synthetic materials like Sparkle Braid or Fluoro Fiber in place of the hackle fibers.

Step by Step instructions Gray Sparkle Wing RS2:

Start by setting your hook in the vise. Then lock your thread onto the hook shank. Work to the back on the shank and build a small dubbing ball at the top of the bend.

Using tailing material, add a tail so that the material splays out in a “V” shape. Use the dubbing ball to help prop up the tails. I tend to tie my tails long considering the “tag end theory” that is most often used in ice fishing. The thinking is that the small fiber or tag end not trimmed off can tickle a fish into a strike. Who knows… Continue by dubbing a slim abdomen with a dubbing noodle.

For the sparkle wing, I am using Fluoro Fiber. Many other materials can be used in the same fashion. Tie in a small hank and fold it back over to be secured down. Essentially you are making a bubble by looping over the material and securing it on top of itself. Dub over the thorax and whip finish behind the eye.

Completed Sparkle Wing RS2 Grey


  • Hook: 3761 18 – 20 or 200R 18 – 24
  • Thread: Veevus 14/0 Grey
  • Tails: MFC Micro Barred Fibbetts White/Black
  • Dubbing: Superfine Adams Grey
  • Sparkle Wing: Fluoro Fiber Clear White

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