Chubby Chernobyl

Need a dry fly that floats really well? The Chubby Chernobyl is an excellent fly for just that. Consisting of foam and superfine dubbing this fly sits up on top without having to cure it every third drift.

The Chubby Chernobyl is a quick easy tie that can be utilized in many different color variations. If you have an abundance of large stoneflies, hoppers or other terrestrials this may be a great option to tie on. I really enjoy fishing this fly with a large dropper nymph or soft hackle as it can hold up heavier dropper flies.

Step By Step Tan variation:

Set your hook in your vise and start your tying thread. Work back to the bend. Select and tie down three strands of Krystal Flash. Fold the flash over and tie it back, making a total of six strands for the tail.

Using the Riverroad Creations body cutter cut a piece of foam. For this size, I cut the foam twice using the cutter to shorten it up slightly. Secure it to the hook shank and make a small working area.

Fix a strand of leg material on either side. Keep both legs positioned in the center of the thread area.

Using some type of polypropylene in a bright color tin in a hank on top of the hook in the working thread area. Fold the material over and secure towards the back of the working area.

Using dubbing noodles dub over the thread working area, jump over the foam and dub the body towards the front. Leave enough room behind the hook eye to create another section matching the rear.

Whip finish the fly under the foam behind the eye!


  • Hook: 5262 2-10
  • Thread: Danville 140 Denier Tan
  • Underbody: Senyo’s Laser Dub Tan
  • Overbody: 2mm Tyers Foam Tan
  • Legs: MFC Barred Sexi-Floss Medium Tan
  • Wings: Sparkle Emerger Yarn Clear White

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