Whether you spell it, Krystal or Crystal, it is no more than a flashy woolly bugger. Why complain about that though!

The Woolly Bugger has been a long-standing very productive fly in many different styles colors and sizes. Not only that but it works great in many different situations. This is a fly that can easily imitate bait fish, crayfish, and many other aquatic creatures.

Step By Step Hot head Dark Olive Variation:


Start by setting the hook firmly in your tying vise with the bead already slid on. I pinch the barbs on this and most patterns.

Using .020 Lead or Lead-Free wire make 15 touching wraps and then push them up into the bead.

Prep a piece of Dark Olive Marabou Blood Quills by stripping off all of the feathers except what you want to tie in as the tail. Measure the length to match the hook shank and tie it in at the hook bend.

Pull five or six strands from the Krystal Flash Rainbow package and tie them in on one side. Fold the material over the top, and bend it back over so all of the tips are facing backward, pull to the opposite side, and tie down. The idea being that is is mirrored or symmetrical on both sides.

Using a piece of Gray Strung Marabou Blood Quills, repeat the step above. Stack the Gray on top of the Dark Olive Marabou Blood Quill that is already tied in.

Next, pull off a small strip of UTC Ultra Wire Brassie in Silver and tie it in on one side.

Clean the flash and fluff from the Speckled Chenille in Lime and Black and Tie in the length of the body. This helps maintain an overall taper when finished.

The legs can be tricky. I like to cut the strands into quarters and then tie in three total. One at a time. The first two are really easy as I tie them in a “V” shape on either side. Third I Tie in on time perpendicular to the hook shank. Then using tight wraps and stretching it slightly I secure it over the top and come off each side. This gives the illusion it is wrapped directly on the side when finished.

Once the legs are done the hackle is easy! Select a feather appropriate to the hook size you are using. I like the barbels to be tapered back and just longer than the hook gape at that point in the fly. Prep the feather by stripping some of the barbels off for a smooth tie-in point. Open palmer rear using your wraps to also help arrange the leg positions. Once you reach the rear use the UTC Ultra Wire that was left tied in to grasp the hackle and secure it down. Wrap the wire forward segmenting the body while also trying to avoid the flared hackle barbels. Secure the wire behind the bead and whip finish it off.



  • Hook: U301 2-10
  • Tail: Marabou Feathers
  • Flash: Krystal Flash
  • Body: Speckled Crystal Chenille
  • Legs: Round Rubber Barred Medium
  • Conehead: 4.8 mm Fluorescent Orange
  • Thread: Veevus 6/0
  • Ribbing Wire: UTC Brassie
  • Weight: .020 Lead Wire
  • Hackle: Grizzly Rooster Saddle
Autumn Splendor variation

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