Jigged Mayer Mini Leech

For our first fly, I am showing a variation of the Mayer Mini Leech by Landon Mayer a Colorado fly tier and guide.

This is a weighted version using lead wire and a tungsten bead. Tied on a tactical-style jig hook from Umpqua feather merchants.

Set By Step:

Umpqua Competition series Jig C450BL hook with a 1/8 mm slotted tungsten bead

Slide the bead on the hook and fix it in the vise.

Wrap Lead or Lead-free Wire securely around the hook shank.

Attach the tying thread using locking wraps and then make a thread dam against the lead wire. Cover the entire hook shank and wire wraps creating a nice taper.

Attach some wire to the side of the hook shank and leave it hanging back or secured in a material holder.

With the thread out of the way on the bobbin cradle, and the wire in the material clip on the back I use the rotary to cover the body of the fly.

Wrap the Diamond Braid forward covering the entire body of the fly.

Attach a strip of Black Pine Squirrel by cleaning a small amount of hair from the hide on the tip and tying in directly behind the bead.

With the wire having secured the Squirrel strip the fly is ready for the next material.

Using the wire to open wrap through the Pine Squirrel hair parting it as you go. Wrap back to the bead, securing the Pine Squirrel Zonker to the body.

Pull two Black Ostrich Herl feathers from the quill. Strip off the barbels on the butt end and tie them in right in front of the Squirrel. Leaving room to palmer forward four or five times. Capture the Ostrich Herl, whip finish and fish!

Finished Jigged Mayer Mini Leech in Black


  • Hook: Umpqua C450BL size 10
  • Thread: Uni 6/0 Black
  • Wire: UTC Medium Red
  • Weight: 15 wraps of .015 lead wire
  • Bead: Tungsten Slotted Black Nickle 1/8
  • Body/Tail: Pine Squirrel zonker strips black with a black Ostrich herl collar

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