Schlappen Bugger

So what’s better than a Wooly Bugger, nothing right. Well, I’m pretty sure that’s true but remove the traditional hackle and use Schapplen feathers and you have a contender.

Keep the marabou tail and body chenille but swap the hackle for schapplen feathers and it’s a whole new fly. It adds a ton of bulk without adding too much weight or extra materials. This fly is excellent ammo for big Rainbow and Brown trout for sure but my guess is it will also work well for many different freshwater species. I will let you know as I begin to target a wider variety of fish.

Step by step instructions Autumn Splendor version:

Firehole 811 size 6 with a Large Brass Copper Conehead

Begin as usual by sliding the cone onto the hook and placing the hook firmly in your tying jaws.

Tightly wrap your lead or lead-free wire onto the hook shank and push into the cone against the hook eye.

Start your tying thread behind the lead wire and make a thread dam/ramp onto the lead. Fix the lead firmly to the hook shank.

Now time to tie in the tail. Starting with the brown this will be the first of three feathers I will tie in for the tail on this fly.

With the brown tied down add the yellow right on top.

Before adding the last marabou feather tie in three strands of Krystal flash on either side.

After the flash comes the last feather of marabou for the tail.

Enter the schlappen to be prepped and tied in on either side. Tie in the schlappen feather at the tip to give this fly a taper from back to front.

Our main body wrap for this fly is Cactus Chenille tied in on the side following the schlappen feather.

With the chenille and schlappen feather hanging reward tie in some round rubber legs. When tying these in. Try and keep them flared in all directions.

Cactus Chenille wrapped ready for the schlappen!

Wrap the chenille forward and capture behind the eye. Follow by open palmering the schlappen feathers forward.

Finished Autumn Splendor Schlappen Bugger


  • Hook: Firehole 811 2 – 10
  • Weight: Lead Wire .015 – .020
  • Bead: Brass Cone Copper
  • Thread: UTC 140 Dark Brown
  • Tail: Marabou Brown and Yellow
  • Underbody: Medium Cactus Chenille Root Beer
  • Hackle: MFC Barred Schlappen Black and Yellow
  • Legs: Hareline Round Rubber Barred Black and Yellow

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